Air conditioning service and repair ...

... begins with knowing when to call us.  It's easy if your system just won't turn on or cool but those aren't the only warning signs.  It's better to pay for a small repair when you detect it early than to have to finance a major repair or replacement of a system that wasn't maintained properly.  Learn to spot warning signs early.

Excessive noise is one of these warning signs to keep an eye (or an ear) out for.  Also, if your air conditioning system seems to be running too much, it may be working harder to keep your home at the same temperature it did in the past, and there’s probably something else going on. Not only will this constant running cost you more each month, but it’s also a good sign that something in your system isn’t working quite right.  Something often ignored is a house that is not being cooled evenly. If some rooms are getting colder than others, your system is likely in need of some work. None of these issues is likely to be a serious problem, but the earlier you address them, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

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What our customers say:

While my husband was deployed, our AC broke. Freer's came out immediately. Our AC was beyond hope, so Mike gave me several options on choosing a new unit that would save us money and offered a tax rebate.

~ Carolyn R., Navarre, FL

Our Service and Repair
Freer's offers a full range of air conditioning system maintenance services designed to keep your system up and running over the long term. You can easily schedule an annual appointment with us for a time that suits your schedule and we’ll have a technician out to complete a thorough maintenance overhaul. 

Our technicians will examine every part of your system for wear or defects.
We'll check your ducts and refrigerant lines for leaks and make sure that there are no hidden problems lurking just below the surface.
We'll carry out a complete coil cleaning and make sure your refrigerant is still maintained at the proper levels.

While it is a small expense to keep up with these annual maintenance visits, you’ll surely get your money back several times over through decreased energy bills, fewer emergency repairs and a generally longer life for your air conditioning system. So give us a call today to schedule an air conditioning system maintenance visit.
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