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... Freer's has the tools and expertise to get the job done right. We offer a full range of products and installation services to customers all over the Panhandle area and we can accommodate orders for all types of systems, large and small. When you do business with Freer's, you can be confident you’re getting the best in the business.

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We firmly believe that no matter how high–quality the air conditioning system you purchase, it will only serve you well if its installation is carried out properly. That’s why we make sure that all of our customers receive the same high level of attention to detail from start to finish. We’ll check and recheck to make sure everything is working exactly as it should be. When we install your A/C system, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible installation.


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Navarre Beach Realty, Inc. has had the pleasure of working with Freer's Air Conditioning Service for the past three years. Mike Freer is a businessman who is eager to please, responds in a timely manner, and stands by his work. His professionalism was honed over twenty years of military service. This training is evident in the service he provides. We are committed to his company as our one and only source of heating and air installation and maintenance.

~ Paul Jenkins, USAF, RET
Broker/Owner, Navarre Beach Realty, Inc.

Featured System

Ductless split and mini–split systems
are relatively new types of air conditioners that have been growing in popularity in recent years in the southern states. As their name implies, these air conditioning systems manage to cool your home without needing ductwork. This is of particular benefit if your home doesn’t already have ducts installed or if there simply is no room for them even if you wanted to put them in.

A ductless split AC system is made up of an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit that can be mounted on your wall or ceiling. These indoor units are connected to the outdoor unit through a refrigerant line and take care of circulating and cooling the air in the room they’re installed in.

These ductless systems have many benefits, including a greatly reduced installation cost because there is no need to put in ducts. Mini–splits are available for small spaces, such as one or two rooms, and can also be expanded to create up to eight separate climate zones in your home. This gives you a much more refined level of control than you would have with most traditional, duct–based systems. These air conditioning units are generally very energy efficient as well.
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